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These lessons stem from IJP. Appel Guéry’s teachings. After a telepathic connection with his superior levels of consciousness-energy at the age of twelve, IJP. Appel Guéry acquired an initiatic guidance through the following years until the age of eighteen when he succeeded in leaving his physical body. With his full consciousness, he entered the Unitary Field, a transcendent state where Enlightenment (in metaphysical terms) is realised.

This experience determined decisive transformations, leading him to prepare his mission as an instructor. He studied the most significant traditional initiations in order to improve his training, while completing his training both in Science and Literature at the University of Paris where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science and Arts. He then began doing public transmission, giving hundreds of lectures in different cultural centres he created since 1970.

IJP. Appel Guéry experienced a special telepathic mutation in 1972, when a contact with superterrestrial consciousnesses took place. Little by little, during twenty years of conspicuous contacts observed by hundreds of persons who met him, he received from these superterrestrial consciousnesses an outstanding sum of teachings composed of more than 6,000 pages, in which new answers are given to fundamental questions, such as: The origin of incarnation and of human life, what dreams are, the cause of disease and death, the origins of extraterrestrial presences and, above all, the origin of all the operating programs of the universe which are controlled from the internal unitary weave.

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