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meditation spiritual soul


Meditation is a way of direct
understanding and comprehension of the world.
For us, it is a medit-action:
“the action of going towards the middle”.

Reduce outer distractions to recover
a harmonious attunement
with the universal weaves,
then perceive the inner breath.
Listen to the most subtle part of yourself
and experience the wonderful resonance
with the weave of the cosmic architecture.

Meditaction N°1

Meditation of elevation

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Exercise of interiorisation

Meditation of communion

meditation elevation


meditation subtilisation


Meditaction N°2

Exercise of contact with the ethereal weave

Meditation of subtilisation
Meditaction N°3

Exercise of telepathic contact

Meditation of contact with the subtle world

meditation telepathic contact


meditation unification


Meditaction N°4

Meditation of unification


Meditaction N°5

Intensify the contact with your body of light

meditation contact with body light


These meditactions exist in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Swedish.