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Psycorps is a way of life in contact with cosmic energies, universal primeval energy. It's a practice based upon millenary tradition, and reiki also derives from this tradition.

"Reiki" means "life universal energy" and "ki" the part of this energy within us..

Psycorps is a cosmic reiki , a reharmonisation of the being The goal is to contact primeval energy by magnetism, prâna, light, it's to find unity within us...

"Psycorps" is a series of exercises which allow the reinforcement of harmonious communication between the physical body, the energetic body and consciousness, utilizing body language.

By setting up a plane of interdimensional contact, these exercises enable the physical body to respond to the impulse of inner directives which emanate from the proper structures of the energetic and spiritual bodies.

For the participant, this activity leads to a new perception of her/his capacity for reharmonization and subtilization. It is available to the human being seriously looking for communication and inspiration coming from the superior dimensions.