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What are the different steps of evolution towards a cosmic consciousness?

Four steps can be considered.

- First Step: Material Conquest. Most human beings live on this level, and many of them in extremely precarious conditions. It is time now for human beings to become aware of the need for energetic and material re-balancing processes on planet Earth..

- Second Step: Personal Growth. It is a psycho-spiritual education permitting the individuals - with the help of numerous techniques and therapies - to explore their inner universe, to express their sensitivity and to rediscover the essential values that give a meaning to life.

- Third Step: Transpersonal Awakening. Transpersonal growth enables one to overcome one’s limited individual references and to go from human waking consciousness to cosmic awakening consciousness, thus gaining access to the superior abilities of Spirit and its transcendent powers..

- Fourth Step: Transdimensional Contact helps you advance, in a normal and natural way, towards the understanding of the inner universe, and of the energetic and spiritual weave underlying every appearance in the world of form, and maintaining permanent harmony. Old reference marks and the very idea of personality no longer have any meaning in the Unitary Field where the dimensions of time, space and matter are perceived simultaneously and in continuity.