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How can we feel good all day long… and the whole night through?

Our inner energy is a vital and subtle capital that should be correctly dealt with if we want to feel good. How can we manage this energy?

* The human being is an element participating in the great energy weave that rules the whole universe. Every action has consequences in other planes. It is therefore important to be careful and watchful so that your acts can be more harmonious.

* When you wake up, for instance, try and come in contact with the fine subtle energy connecting you to your spiritual dimension. Perceive your other vehicles (ethereal, astral, mental and spiritual). Be aware of the fact that their presence constantly energises your physical body.

* Breathe prânically (slowly and inwardly), to develop an intense communication with this subtler resonance of yourself.

* Before going to sleep, if you have no time to meditate or if you are tired, do not forget to at-least re-centralise yourself. Visualise a thin vertical beam of light going through your body; illuminate it, make it rise above your head until rediscovering your inner dimension, your cosmic consciousness and contact with the presences watching over you. Then, during your sleep, you will intensify your junction with higher dimensions.

* In all circumstances, stay positive and smile. Keep quiet and try to calmly understand what is happening to you and to the people around you. Do not forget that exterior manifestations are the result of something that was generated inwardly.

* Avoid negative thoughts, either about yourself or others. Only bring criticism when you can offer new solutions, and if it can make the situation evolve. Be an element of transformation and harmonisation, instead of disturbance.