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What is the place of the physical body between the earth and the cosmos?

* The biological body is a vehicle that is formed within a delineated space-time field, and that contains a consciousness whose principle stems from a higher source out of this space-time continuum. The use that we can make of this body therefore should be permanently put to the service of this Consciousness. In this case, the body becomes an instrument through which the energy flows between the earthly telluric field and the unitary cosmic Consciousness.

* Our physical body reminds us that part of ourselves is bound to decay and death. The biological vehicle is born, grows, ages and dies. It is a transitory instrument, whereas the sole spirit can reach immortality.

* Our physical body is the place where the deep force underlying us from below meets the higher creative dimension that moves us. Therefore, it should become a strong, reliable instrument. Let us respect this temple which is the frail repository of our essential sacred being.