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The body, a temple of spirit

From a spiritual perspective, we can consider the body as the material support of our soul, and accordingly maintain it like a temple, keeping it ready to receive the most subtle energies likely to uplift our consciousness. Here, the concept of "body" does not stop at the physical body, but also includes bodies of energy such as the etheric, astral and mental bodies, etc..

You are what you eat and absorb. In this regard, meat is a heavy burden; digestion of a meat diet produces a number of toxins that load the body much more than a vegetarian diet.
Moreover, in terms of planetary equilibriums, meat consumption weighs heavily on global ecology and economy.

Furthermore, on karmic level, we take the responsibility of putting an end to the evolution of a living being, as in most cases the latter could have lived several more years. We will therefore have to take charge of the remaining lifetime it could have had, since this animal also had a life programme in this time.
If we want to manage our lives responsibly, we need to measure the consequences of our actions accordingly, even in our choices of food; for that purpose, vegetarianism is the most suitable living choice to be in harmony with the whole universe.

We are living in a time when environmental consequences of our lifestyle pose serious problems: pollution of all kinds, deforestation, extinction of plant and animal species, etc.. More than ever, individual choices affect the lives of everyone. Respect for life and energy balance of the planet demand awareness from each individual. Do not hesitate to distance yourself from harmful habits to assert your identity as a responsible person, creator of your own lifestyle, and anxious to find your right place in the visible and invisible worlds.
It all begins with what you put on your plate on a daily basis, as this is an act that is repeated thousands of times in a lifetime, and that has heavy consequences on your evolution and possible liberation.
What we eat is not only made of the substance we absorb; it also includes the forces that were necessary to produce it. It is also made of the energetic history of the ingested food, which sometimes is much heavier than we imagine. Pondering on this issue and making a decision in full consciousness is a basic act, the founder of a righteous life connected to our true incarnation programme.

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