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Unitary Science Institute, a training programme in personal and transpersonal growth.
Jean Paul Appel-Guéry

A teaching stemming from the Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe by IJP. Appel-Guery (Jean-Paul Appel-Guéry), and from the synthesis of initiatory traditions, offering a philosophy to discover the totality of the human being with his/her cosmic dimension, contact with superior celestial hierarchies, and connection with the Internal Unity.

Available through courses, books, audio and video lectures, galactic meditation, workshops and seminars, about Divine Presence, word, light, truth, goodness, beauty, spiritual illumination, telepathy, soul memory, creativity, awakening of the consciousness, universal love, harmony, energy management, emotions, liberation from stress, sensitivity, sexuality, Tantra, well-being, vegetarianism, physical and subtle bodies.
Jean Paul Appel Guéry

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Unitary Science Institute

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