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unitary science intra universe

Unitary Science of the Intra-universe

Volume 1 and 2
(Transtar Editions)

Interdimensional contacts are communications between the human being and the supraterrestrial dimensions that appear in all traditions: from the Land of Mû to Sumer, from the Bible's angels to our modern UFO's

unitary science intra universe

The Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe was transmitted from an interdimensional communication; its 144 chapters and its 62 series of Unitary Answers to fundamental questions bring about a new knowledge of the architecture of timeless weaves that rule the universe in its multiple dimensions of time, space and matter.

English Translation Tome 1: Transtar Editions - France
Spanish Translation Tome 1 : Transtar Editions - France
Italian Translation Tome 1: Transtar Editions - France
Portuguese Translation Tome 1: Intergalactica Editions - Brazil
Polish Translation Tome 1: Miniatura Editions - Poland



From Earthling to Galactic Being
(Transtar Editions)

Faced with the fast-running events of daily news, we need to have moments of synthesis to take stock of our participation in the global mutation currently leading the Earthlings to their galactic future. In the last 40 years, IJP Appel Guéry has been working in this domain of synthesis between science and tradition. "From Earthling to Galactic Being" results from a selection of twelve of these lectures, bringing complements of information to better understand previously published books from his author, and especially the Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe, Timeless Voyage and "Etre Anges Témoins (Contacts with Other Dimensions)", a book from a collective of authors in which he brought his contribution.

earthling galactic


Essential Answers

(To be published)

"Woman, Essential Answers" will be an authentic tool for your awakening and metamorphosis. To reconcile Yin and Yang into cosmic fusion that does not only involve the sole astral world, but all the planes of reality: this is the prospect this book unfolds in front of each of us.

woman essential answers


spiritual idyll

Spiritual Idyll
(To be published)

A collection of poems, prayers and positive invocations whose source of inspiration resides in the fresh enthousiastic soaring of the soul towards the Creator Spirit. Words of soaring inspiration, of happiness and divine worship, but also of initiatory quest through one's own will and courage, those invocations liberate the words from their weight to make them vibrate with all their intensity towards the summits where a vaster vision awaits us: that of Unity-Universalilty.
"Spiritual Idyll" is for all those who seek an echo to this inner voice leading them on the path of return.

Spanish Translation: Transtar Editions - France
Italian Translation: Atlantide Editions - Italy
Portuguese Translation: Intergalactica Editions - Brazil


Internel Awakening
(Transtar Editions)

As a freshly blooming oasis of wonderment where truth-thirsty beings can find a new energy, "Internel Awakening" by IJP Appel Guéry reveals a secret garden, whence a new vision of the world can dawn.

Internel  awakening 1 Internel  awakening  2 Internel  awakening 3
English Translation Tome 1: Transtar Editions - France
Spanish Translation Tome 1 : Transtar Editions - France
Italian Translation Tome 1: Transtar Editions - France
Portuguese Translation Tome 1: Aquariana Editions - Brazil
Polish Translation Tome 1: Miniatura Editions - Poland



contacts other dimensions

Etre Anges Témoins
(Contacts with Other Dimensions)
(Editions de Mortagne)

For more than 25 years the authors of this collective work have been exploring the path leading from the universe's visible dimensions towards the invisible dimensions.
Today, the Timeless Voyagers take stock and recall their contacts along with the intense experiences derived from them: extra-sensory perceptions, telepathy, out-of-body voyages, communication with super-terrestrial consciousnesses.

Original French version, No English translation
Italian Translation: Mediterranee Editions - Italy
Portuguese Translation: Icone Editions - Brazil



Successful Happiness
(To be published)

"Successful Happiness" tells us that our life unfolds on several levels all at once, and that it is urgent to put some order in our occupations if we want to receive the inspiration that will guide us in our choices on the "Path of Return" where happiness will necessarily be present. This book tells us how on this path there can be various "hierarchies" helping us because they are concerned with our success; as the latter also depends of our interest for helping those who follow us.
"Successful Happiness" is one of those awakening books that instill a new energy into us, likely to inspire us the desire of taking our life in hands.
Our happiness belongs to us; and that's good news indeed!

success happiness



  daily friend

Daily Friend

Practical advice for a happy life. A "daily friend" calendar to have around every day of the year.
Each day brings a thought, an advice, words of wisdom and positive thinking to better understand life.



Timeless Voyage
Ieros's Metamorphosis

(Aedéna Editions )
Scenario: IJP. Appel Guéry - Drawings: Sergio Macedo

An imaginary or super-real journey between time and no time, between human life and cosmic presences. "Timeless Voyage" is a door open on a new understanding of the human being's origin and situation amidst forces and cosmic presences that seem to be interfering in our world.

English Translation: Aedena Editions - France
German Translation: Volksverlag Editions - Germany
Dutch Translation: Mondria Editions - The Netherlands

timeless voyage



night star

Yogan's Mission
(Night of the Star)

(Aedéna Editions )
Scenario: IJP. Appel Guéry - Drawings: Marc Bati

Awfully evil forces are affecting Terantia. The woods are becoming increasingly dangerous for the Elfins who helplessly fall in the sick forest's traps. From the centre of the galaxy, will Yogan and Arkelange finally manage to save the Elfins and to bring about Terantia's rebirth?



Chronicles of the Origins
(Soleil Productions)
Scenario: IJP. Appel Guery - Drawings: Marc Bati

Remember, 3,5 billions of year ago... On Planet Mars, whose name at the moment is ARSAMIA, a brilliant civilisation is flourishing. Hoping to be granted access to its famous schools where the best martial art techniques are taught, students from all other worlds of the Confederation pour in...

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