Institut Science Unitaire


interdimensional superterrestrial contacts

unitary science of the intra universe

Interdimensional contacts are communications
between human being and superterrestrial dimensions
that are mentioned in all traditions, from Mû to Sumer,
from the angels of the Bible to UFO's.

unitary science of the intra universe

Stemming from an interdimensional communication, the Unitary Science of the Intra-universe,
with 144 chapters and 62 series of unitary answers to fundamental questions,
brings a new knowledge of the architecture of timeless weaves ruling the universe
in its multiple dimensions of time, space and matter.

English Translation Tome 1: Transtar Editions - France
Spanish Translation Tome 1 : Transtar Editions - France
Italian Translation Tome 1: Transtar Editions - France
Portuguese Translation Tome 1: Intergalactica Editions - Brazil
Polish Translation Tome 1: Miniatura Editions - Poland

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unitary science of the intra universe

Unitary Science
of the Intra-universe

Table of Contents

unitary science of the intra universe

Chapters 1 to 144

Chapter 1 Operation of Internal Unitary Transfer
Chapter 2 The New Alliance: a Correlation of Totality
Chapter 3 Internal Consciousness and the World of Form
Chapter 4 Unitary Sumerian Science
Chapter 5 Numeral Junction
Chapter 6 Direct Sumerian Re-insertion
Chapter 7 Enframing of Internel Unitary Numeration
Chapter 8 Signature of Sumerian Synthesis
Chapter 9 Internal Unitary Numeration
Chapter 10 Imperious Mastery and Systems of Distortion
Chapter 11 Transubstantiation and Circles of Numeration
Chapter 12 Control of Power
Chapter 13 How to Prepare for your Immortality
Chapter 14 Elevation and Unitary Transmutation
Chapter 15 The Creation of a Crystal of Internal Numeration
Chapter 16 Process of Unitary Synthetic Numeration
Chapter 17 Networks of Emergence
Chapter 18 The Organ of Numeration of Man and Woman
Chapter 19 Transfer and Subtilisation
Chapter 20 The Incarnation of a System of Internal Transmitter
Chapter 21 Body of Mutant
Chapter 22 System of Unitary Emergence
Chapter 23 Terminal Signal
Chapter 24 Planes of Form, Parallel Plane
Chapter 25 Contract of Emergence, and Inification Process
Chapter 26 The Living, the Sleepers, the Mortals and the Dead
Chapter 27 The Contract of Interiority
Chapter 28 Numeral Correlation of Unitary Emergence
Chapter 29 Transfer onto a Dimension of Synthesis
Chapter 30 Systems of Mutant
Chapter 31 Numeration of Interiority, a Programme of Emergence
Chapter 32 Consciousness and the Systems of Control
Chapter 33 Living Place, Frame of Numeration
Chapter 34 Planetary Mutation and Correlation between Worlds
Chapter 35 Sumerian Vessels
Chapter 36 For the Constitution of a Fleet
Chapter 37 Internal Unitary Transfer
Chapter 38 Circles of Emergence
Chapter 39 Consciousness-Power Ratio
Chapter 40 Numeral Correlation of Unitary Synthesis
Chapter 41 Inter-dimensional Communication, Agreement between Worlds
Chapter 42 Normalisation
Chapter 43 The Human Being's Vehicles
Chapter 44 Signature of Synthesis
Chapter 45 The Line of Immortality
Chapter 46 Synthetic Numeration and Integration of Light
Chapter 47 Unity-Multiplicity Conjunction
Chapter 48 Incarnation and the Sumerian Emergence
Chapter 49 Number and Codification
Chapter 50 Signature of Sumerian Synthesis
Chapter 51 Transmutation and the Path of Return
Chapter 52 Contract of Interiority, Dematerialisation of the Substance
Chapter 53 Signing the Contract of Internal Emergence
Chapter 54 Creation of a Transmitting-Receiving Antenna
Chapter 55 Zone of Transfer
Chapter 56 Imperious Figure and Chain of Transfer of Light
Chapter 57 The Figure of Return
Chapter 58 Operation of Interiorisation of a Planet
Chapter 59 A Programme of Mastery
Chapter 60 Contract of Insertion
Chapter 61 Numeration of Insertion
Chapter 62 The Intergalactic Figure
Chapter 63 Transmutation of Energy
Chapter 64 The Choice of Interiorisation
Chapter 65 Exactitude
Chapter 66 Integral Codifications of Energy
Chapter 67 Contract of Integrality
Chapter 68 Body of Form and Contract of Integrality
Chapter 69 Contract of Integralisation
Chapter 70 Sublimation
Chapter 71 Control over the Body of Insertion: Illness and Ageing Process
Chapter 72 Programme of Sumerian Insertion
Chapter 73 Line of the Original Creator Signal
Chapter 74 The Contract of Sumerian Insertion and the System of Life
Chapter 75 Dematerialization and Contract of Return
Chapter 76 System of Insertion
Chapter 77 Transfer and Incarnation
Chapter 78 The Organ of Insertion and the Figure of Harmony
Chapter 79 Field of Transfer of Sumerian Essence
Chapter 80 Clauses Governing the Return
Chapter 81 Synthetic Transfer and Lunar Insertion
Chapter 82 Configuration of Unification on an Antenna of Synthesis
Chapter 83 Transfer through Time, Space and Matter
Chapter 84 Intervention of the Numeration of Synthesis in the Worlds of Form
Chapter 85 Contract of the Unity of Synthesis
Chapter 86 Codings of Light and Motors of Transfer
Chapter 87 The Motor of Life
Chapter 88 Operation of Return
Chapter 89 Contract of Numeration of Synthesis
Chapter 90 System of Consciousness of the Incarnate Being
Chapter 91 Constitution of an Organ of Insertion
Chapter 92 Origin of the Substantial Body
Chapter 93 Contract of Integralisation
Chapter 94 The Vehicle of Immortality
Chapter 95 Field of Synthetic Transfer
Chapter 96 Contact with the Unitary Synthesis
Chapter 97 Configuration of Unitary Insertion
Chapter 98 Intervention of the Unitary Synthesis in a Zone of Disconnection
Chapter 99 Dematerialization of the Physical Body
Chapter 100 Incarnation on a Disconnected Planed
Chapter 101 Imperious Reconnection until the Terminal
Chapter 102 Dream, and Contact with other Dimensions
Chapter 103 Elevation towards Timelessness
Chapter 104 Conditions for the Return onto the Antenna of Celestial Beings
Chapter 105 Fruit of the Tree of Life
Chapter 106 A Lock-chamber for Interdimensional Transfer
Chapter 107 An Alliance with the Immortal
Chapter 108 Configuration of the Unity of Synthesis
Chapter 109 Plane of Transfer of the Physical Body
Chapter 110 System of Extreme Numeration
Chapter 111 Contract of Extreme Energy
Chapter 112 Operation of External Emergent Numeration
Chapter 113 Signature of Insertion and Extgernal Transfers
Chapter 114 Interdimensional Transfer; Zones of Numeration Number 1 and 2
Chapter 115 Reintegration of the Terminal Signal
Chapter 116 Mastery over the System of Power
Chapter 117 The Treatment of Non-numbered Powers
Chapter 118 Matter and Antimatter
Chapter 119 Operation of Unitary Synchronisation
Chapter 120 Extreme Numeration and X13 Portions
Chapter 121 Dimension of Subtlety
Chapter 122 The Junction of Extreme Systems to the Unitary Network
Chapter 123 Ultimic Numeration
Chapter 124 Ancestor X13
Chapter 125 The Repatriation of Extreme Systems
Chapter 126 The Science of Light
Chapter 127 Intelligence of the Hand
Chapter 128 Paranormal Phenomena
Chapter 129 The Body of Light
Chapter 130 The Treatment of Remote Powers; Exactitude
Chapter 131 Field of Light and Network of Synthesis
Chapter 132 Integrated Numeration of Insertion
Chapter 133 Transfer of Light and Body of Return
Chapter 134 Extreme Zones
Chapter 135 Contract of Return
Chapter 136 Crystal of Return
Chapter 137 : Reinsertion Programme and Initiatory Contract
Chapter 138 : Unitary Ancestor
Chapter 139 : Process of Return
Chapter 140 : Synthetic Transfer Contract
Chapter 141 : Simultaneity and Hyper-synthesis
Chapter 142 : Programme of Transcendence
Chapter 143 : Numeration of Simultaneity
Chapter 144 : Accessing Timelessness

Unitary answers
to fundamental questions

Series 1 The Human Being amidst the Universe
Series 2 Creator, Creature, Creation
Series 3 Human Evolution
Series 4 The Universe's Limit, and the Extreme Systems
Series 5 Spirit and Matter
Series 6 Individual Consciousness and the Management of Powers
Series 7 Mecanian Systems
Series 8 Science and Consciousness; Thunderbold Lightning
Series 9 Planetary Mutation and Metrallian Control
Series 10 Human Life in the Incarnation
Series 11 Transformation and Destruction in Fields of Power
Series 12 Mortal Consciousness and Imperious Treatments
Series 13 Resonators and Other Dimensions
Series 14 The Origin and Transfer of a System of Form
Series 15 The Descent of Souls into Incarnation
Series 16 Nutrition, and Contact with the Vegetable World
Series 17 Suffering, Evil and Pain
Series 18 Disease, Illness, and the Extreme Systems
Series 19 Death and Reincarnation
Series 20 Incarnation, Creation of the Physical Body
Series 21 Mastery over the Vital Energy
Series 22 Fatigue and Regeneration of the Physical Body
Series 23 Death, or Dematerialisation, of the Physical Body
Series 24 Dematerialisation of the Physical Body
Series 25 Dreams, Immortal Consciousness
Series 26 Journeying Out of the Physical Body
Series 27 Levitation, Mastery over the Energy
Series 28 Stress
Series 29 The Manifestation of Entities
Series 30 Hypnosis, Mediumnity, and Superconsciousness
Series 31 Love and Worship
Series 32 Consciousness-Energy-Form
Series 33 The Physical Vehicle and the Vehicles of Energy
Series 34 Hell, Purgatory and Paradise
Series 35 Understanding and Transmission
Series 36 Unitary Transmission
Series 37 Reception and Transmission of an Information of Synthesis
Series 38 The Process of Incarnation
Series 39 Evil and Lie
Series 40 Different Types of Incarnation
Series 41 Transmission and Codings
Series 42 Good and Evil
Series 43 Physical Death, Leaving the Physical Body
Series 44 Last Judgement
Series 45 Parallel Dimensions
Series 46 Subtle Presences
Series 47 Liberation of the Individual
Series 48 Consciousness in the Intra-universe
Series 49 The Origin and Purpose of Life; Sumerian Science
Series 50 Contactees, and the Contact with Vessels
Series 51 Vessels and Fleets
Series 52 Surveyors
Series 53 Transferisation
Series 54 God
Series 55 The Process of Immortalisation
Series 56 Transubstantiation
Series 57 Timeless Unitary Field
Series 58 Incarnation; Building a Figure of Totality
Series 59 The Book of Life
Series 60 Destruction and Unitary Reinsertion
Series 61 Exterior Contact with Opposing Forces of Condensation
Series 62 The Process of Incarnation

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