Institut Science Unitaire
personal growth
The Unitary Science Institute is offering you a growth programme giving access to the comprehension of the weaves, which are ruling our lives. We are permanently subject to all kinds of influences from various origins, and it is important to understand their laws if we want to make a success of our life.
Whether you are a therapist, a sociologist, a psychologist or more simply a seeker of truth, this training programme is for you to learn tools and fundamental keys for the setting up of elements indispensable in the individual's full growth.

A Successful life is to find one's right place and role in the universe game, while awakening all facets of one's personality. The goal of the Institute is to lead the beings on this path. With these elements, you will update your own training; and moreover, if you wish so, you may become a teacher participating in the awakening of planet Earth to other levels of consciousness. In these times of deep transformation, it is all the more essential to reach a more interior understanding which will help you take hold of your destiny rather than be imposed upon by choices which do not fit your original wishes.

Life is made up of an evolving succession of trials and challenges, which can be decoded into fantastic possibilities for evolution and steps for reaching a higher level of knowledge. In order to understand their meaning, one must learn how to know oneself and one's specific originality in order to define the necessary elements of real growth.The individual 's own willpower is the first condition for her or him to elevate in order to develop her or his sensitivity. She or he can receive some help through information and techniques, which have already been tested and verified by others.

This is how the programme of Transpersonal Growth of the Unitary Science Institute has been created. It will allow you to awaken all the facets of your personality and to set up the conditions for your own fulfilment. The programme of Transpersonal Growth of the Unitary Science Institute results from thirty years of research, experiments, studies, syntheses and contacts. With this fantastic tool of transformation, you can put into practice, in your daily life, the knowledge existent within between reasoning and resonance.

This Transpersonal Growth Programme stems from IJP. Appel Guéry 's teachings. He is a interdimensional researcher and the author of several books including the Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe. Its purpose is to elaborate the keys of the interdimensional fields which open the doors to the comprehension of the Universal Laws.