Institut Science Unitaire

VIBRASCIENCE cosmic junction programme
stems from IJP. Appel Guéry's teaching and is a continuation of Luminescience.

Vibrascience involves the study and application of the Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe
along with the operational dimension enabling you to enter in contact
with the higher hierarchies


Training Organisation
This transmission rests upon theoretical and practical knowledge and on a process of reflection and personal development in harmony with the laws ruling the universe.
These hundred-page booklets of theoretical and practical lessons including lectures, exercises, advice, meditations and answers to the great questions of our time.

Audio and video CDs of exercices, messages of spiritual elevation, meditations and relaxation can also come with these lessons.
This teaching can be studied on your own or with a teacher.
Subscriptions are open at any time of the year.
An optional workshop is proposed at each end of cycle in order to prepare for a meeting and exchange with different participants of the same session.

Once this training is completed, you will receive a Vibrascience certificate

Should you be willing to become a teacher of Prescience, Iniscience, Luminescience and Vibrascience levels in your country, feel free to ask and a training workshop will be proposed to you.

unitary science
spiritual message
poem music
initiation message




Vibrascience lessons

* Operational mastery over the energies
Contact with spaceships
Knowledge of the secret forces of nature
Developing the body of immortality
Organisation of the being in the unitary field
Coming out of the local universe
Explanation on force managing and on interdimensional weaves