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cosmic junction

INISCIENCE cosmic junction programme
stems from IJP. Appel Guéry's teaching and is a continuation of Prescience.
This Timeless Voyage structured in 12 lessons,
proposes a mutation process of your evolving human nature in totality
along a vertical axis of transfer connecting consciousness and power.

The twelve Iniscience lessons, composed of three series, open the door to the discovery,
development and blossoming of different parts of your personality and of the programme studied in Prescience.

Training Organisation

This transmission rests upon theoretical and practical knowledge and on a process of reflection
and personal development in harmony with the laws ruling the universe.
These hundred-page booklets of theoretical and practical lessons
including lectures, exercises, advice, meditations and answers to the great questions of our time.

Audio and video CDs of exercices, meditations and relaxation can also come with these lessons.
This teaching can be studied on your own or with a teacher.
Subscriptions are open at anytime of the year.
An optional workshop is proposed at each end of cycle in order to prepare for a meeting
and exchange with different participants of the same session.

Once this training is completed, you will receive an Iniscience certificate

Should you be willing to become a teacher of Prescience or Iniscience levels in your country,
feel free to ask and a training workshop will be proposed to you.

Should you be willing to follow a more living teaching, you can join a "study center",
or create a new one, to share your ideas and experiences
in a friendly atmosphere, and to receive two tapes per month on various themes:
"The Creature amidst the Universe" "Exactness" "Internel, Eternel, Externel, Seternel"
"The Management of Pride and Selfishness" "Becoming More Subtle" "God helps those who help themselves"
"Connection - Disconnection" "Consciousness unifies and power divides" "Immortality process"
"Coming out of our habits - Developing our totality" "Talent and oath" "Unification - Duality ("Dualification")"
"Animal drives, human desires and spiritual aspirations" "NDE" "Control of forces"
"The creation, a mirror reflection of the creator beam" "Principle of existence" "The parable of the fruit"
"The main reason of our incarnation" "The complexity of the being" "Reconnecting our life to Unity"
"Washing out our subconscious" "Alchemy" "Being in the permanence"


initiation programme
harmony wisdom serenity
initiation keys
relaxing music


Lesson 1 - Univesal Resonance

* The Single Atom
* ExerciseCosmic Voyage
* Anwers to the great questions of our time:
Who Decides the Moment one Must Leave the Intra-universe? Why are Bodies Fabricated on Planets, and why not in Outer Space? Why Are certain Bodies Incarnated in a System of Form? How is the Place of Birth of an Entity Specified? Are there Specific Actions that it is Particularly Important to Make in one's Life?

Lesson 2 - Material Stabilisation

* Managing one's Life
* Exercise of resonance with the mineral and vegetable kingdoms. Operational codes and objects.
Anwers to the great questions of our time:
What are the types of associated figures, beings, creatures and systems which may lie on the different objects or resonators belonging to a person? What is the origin of the pyramids on planet Earth? Why were the pyramids built and who made them?

Lesson 3 - Social Integration

* The creature's evolution in the universe
* Exercise of harmonisation
* Anwers to the great questions of our time:
Are we Free to Choose our Incarnation? Why do certain People Have Great Powers, while others Have Nothing at all? Do we Automatically Progress from one Incarnation to the next? On which Basis can one Decide if an Incarnation is Positive or Negative? Are there Incarnations in Animal, Vegetable or Mineral Kingdoms?


cosmic initiation
exercise chakras
meditation body light


Lesson 4 - Physical Purification

* Resonance with the essential world
* Exercise
* Anwers to the great questions of our time:
Is it Normal for Man to Feed on Animals? Are We Allowed to Sacrifice Animal Life to Feed ourselves?

Lesson 5 - Regulation of Vitality

* Relationship between man and woman
* Processes of mutation
Anwers to the great questions of our time:
Is the Vital Transfer the most Operational Means to Transform the Molecular and Cellular State of our Physical Body? Do Sexual and Vital Exchanges Only Exist on our Terrestrial Plane?

Lesson 6 - Psycho-emotional Rebalancing

* Operational therapy
* Management of energies
* Anwers to the great questions of our time:
What Is the Degree of Freedom of a Creature?


 initiation programme elevation transcendent love
mutation energies
music heaven


Lesson 7 - Emotional Harmonisation

* Love, to love or be in love
* Exercise of elevation toward transcending love- Blessing Meditaction
* Anwers to the great questions of our time:
Reinstating the Soul within the Boundaries of Sustance - Elevation Outside of the Systems of Pressure and Burst - The Soul, a Dimension of Resonance between Science and Power

Lesson 8 - Mental Structuring

* Our brain
* Exercise of contact with the vehicle of light
Anwers to the great questions of our time:
How to Obtain Conscious Mastery over One's Life?

Lesson 9 - Awakening of the Consciousness

* Energy vehicles and subtle vehicles
* Meditation of contact
* Anwers to the great questions of our time:
When Leaving the Plane of the Form, is it Necessary to Do something Special in other Planes?


cosmic initiation
meditation lotus  of light


Lesson 10 - Poetic Inspiration

* Journey in the imaginary world
* Meditation of the lotus
* Anwers to the great questions of our time:
Unification through Harmonic Resonance with the System of Insertion - Realisation under Inspiration - Salvation of the Souls - Internal Resonance with Universal Peace

Lesson 11- Interdimensional Telepathy

* Accede to a telepathic communication
* Exercise of telepathy: awakening our transmitting system
Anwers to the great questions of our time:
Why Do Certain Beings have a Telepathic Connection? Can We Receive Information from Superior Dimensions through Other Senses than those of the Physical Body? Why Are Certain Vehicles of Power more Adapted to Contact than Others? How Come We Lose Awareness of the Reality of the Waking Consciousness when We Dream? Why Are Certain Vehicles more Psychic than Others?

Lesson 12 - Spiritual Unification

* Living our Spiritual Elevation in a Better Way
* Prime notions of galactic meditaction-Meditaction of subtle transfer
* Anwers to the great questions of our time:
Is the Inner Conviction of God's Existence Acquired through Education? How Can We Conceive God? What Is to Be Understood by "Infinity"? Is God Infinity? What about this Inner Intuitive Personal Conviction of the Existence of God? How can the Existence of God be Proven? Is God an Autonomous Independent Consciousness or is He the Result of all that has been Created? Can a Human Being Perceive the Intimate Nature of God and His Mystery? Are we Parts of the Divinity?